This technology enables the use of sorted waste for power generation.

It involves a progressive method of acquiring energy while concurrently liquidating, in an environmentally friendly manner, waste that is often difficult to dispose of. Thus plastic waste, old tyres, hospital waste, grinding slag, etc. can be processed.

Degradation of molecules

Input raw materials, such as pyrolysis coke, oil and gas is further gasified in a convector through macromolecular destruction and the produced water gas is used for the generation of energy and heat.

Degradation of molecules

Schematic of pyrolysis retort

In the case of processing grinding slag, a valuable raw material is additionally obtained – a metallic compound containing a steel alloy.

Schematic of pyrolysis retort

The long development of facilities has resulted in cross-sector cooperation between the Technical University of Ostrava, the companies Arrow line a.s., Dodávky automatizace s.r.o., Strojírny Bohdalice a.s. and other entities.


The designed waste-processing capacity is up to 16,000 tonnes per year.


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