The cluster’s

The innovation strategy is based on the analysis of trends. Attention is focused on solving problems associated with waste and on reducing the amount of emissions while also reducing costs associated with energy-consumption expenditures.

Municipal waste dump

The cluster’s strategy is focused on research and development projects in the areas of processing waste and using alternative sources of energy. The cluster’s main activities involve supporting its members in the introduction and commercial enhancement of research and development results in practice.

The number of cluster members has grown since its establishment. This is due to the scope of services the ENVICRACK cluster enables its members to obtain and use for the purpose of improving their competitiveness and to the attractive concept of "sustainable development" to which the cluster adheres.

The joint projects of ENVICRACK cluster members are designed so that their implement. leads to the contin. creation of conditions for introducing new products and services in existing business entities.
Results of joint projects carried out by members of the ENVICRACK cluster.

Alternative energy - map of Czech Republic


ENVICRACK cluster, Seat, Ostrava - Vítkovice
ENVICRACK cluster, map
1. máje 34/120, 703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice
European Union, Czech Republic
Analyst: Eva Wartová
phone: +420 596 600 222, +420 774 286 613
e-mail: eva.wartovaenvicrackcz